The District’s strategic vision and initiatives will nurture a vibrant community, facilitate resource discovery, and plan the path for the future as a complete campus and a resource within the global academic community.


About the Comprehensive Master Plan

The Comprehensive Master Plan will be a realistic and feasible plan for the District based on long-standing planning that has formed the campus character and physical environment. The Master Plan is a shared vision that will guide the development of IETTC over the next decade and beyond. This project includes not only assessing and quantifying what assets are held within the Riverside Community College District but working with you to develop an evolving vision for maintaining its relevance for IETTC's future communities.

About the Inland Empire Technical Trade Center

The IETTC at RCCD is broadly connected to the region’s key partners and is well-positioned to provide the education, training, and related support services needed for the region’s residents to obtain a good job now or in the future. RCCD’s Strategic Plan addresses the need to ensure equity and access to opportunities for all communities, particularly communities of color, women, and other traditionally marginalized groups. By providing training for residents who have traditionally been excluded from engaging in the region’s growing prosperity and economic opportunity, RCCD will support the region’s continued economic development.

We look forward to your involvement as we embark on this exciting chapter in IETTC's future together.


Acknowledge Our Partners!

We are working with some great partners. Take a moment to look over the list of the individuals and organizations supporting us.

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Project Schedule

The process is set to begin in 2023, and is due to be completed in 2024. The schedule below provides an overview of the master planning process with approximate dates and descriptions of what will occur during each phase of the planning process.

Project Schedule

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